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End Three strikes sentencing in California

In the last  25 years  California's Three Strikes Law has been in effect. It has lead to increased incarceration, decapacitating  life, devastated communities of color and expanded our prison budget at a cost to social services at an overwhelming level.  We are dedicated to providing you the language, knowledge and tools to take action to repeal the Three Strikes Law.  

To change the law and get this initiative on the ballot in California you will need to be a registered voter in California!

Our Focus on Results

The first step is for us to work with you as a community.  We invite you to contribute to a plan of actions to get the results as a community  in mercy filled efforts to heal. We have been directly impacted by excessive sentencing laws in California and its time WE restore the dignified balance of equal justice for all. 

Together through sharing, connecting,  and supporting one another, we will not only craft a path to success, we will reflect and hold space within our healing together!

Get Started Today

Don't wait!  Explore our website.  Get involved. Take action by supporting our Mission. 

 We need to Raise 7 Million dollars to change this law!

Together having a plan of action, the better our chances are to  getting the results we want and deserve.


If you are in agreement with our Mission and values, intentions and plans, then You are in the right place! 

Please reach out. Lets connect!

Initiative steps


For Repeal and Or Amendment of The Three Strikes Law We need Signatures.

623,212 signatures. Signatures gathered from California registered Voters.

However over all we need 1,005,000 to endure that we have the signatures needed which will cost about $5-6 million dollars. 

Donations  will go towards having professional signature gathers collect the needed signatures to have the initiative on the ballot. 

Please stay tuned for more information on the next steps. 

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Get in Touch! We welcome hearing from you to hold space as we heal as a community.


PO Box 23652 Oakland CA 94652



Your donations will help get this initiative on the ballot

There's much healing to do! Let us do it in a restorative and just manner. 

lets repeal the California three strikes law

Together we can create a healing change