Our Mission is to Repeal the three strikes law

We care about sentencing reform


Choose1 was formed in order to represent those who have not been served in the sentence reform process. Our goal is to re-unite families by utilizing the initiative process.  We believe the people of California are ready to right the injustices created by Prop 184 in 1994 resulting in mass-incarceration and inequity in sentences in regard to ethnic background.

We believe how we treat people is a reflection of self


  While we do not claim to have all the answers, we are one of many groups attempting to dismantle the current “in-justice” system. Choose1 includes concerned citizens who may or may not have an association with anyone incarcerated but who feel strongly about how we treat people currently behind bars and after they have served their time. We believe in justice, in treating people who come out of prison with dignity and respect as they have endured indisputably longer sentences than persons convicted of murder. We believe that all prisons have the responsibility to offer  rehabilitative services to every system impacted person. 

Restorative Justice Practices for Mental Health is a healing practice for all


 We believe that solitary confinement creates more trauma. We believe appropriate best practices and healing modalities be sought in order to offer healing to our  men and women before they are eligible for release. 

We believe in healing with compassion.  

Restorative Practices create safe spaces. Safe spaces create Public Safety


 While not all persons who are incarcerated suffer mental illness, it is imperative that they fully understand what drove them to commit the crimes they did in the first place. ACES and C-PTSD are contributing factors to incarceration With a greater understanding we will result in safer communities.

Utilizing resources for healing is fiscally smart


We believe money should be appropriated to education and restorative justice healing practices as opposed to housing a prisoner for 25 to life and beyond. The current cost to house an inmate is 81,000 annually. It cost tax payers millions to house an inmate for 25 years 25 Years, which is the minimum sentence for 3rd strikers. We believe that same money,  would be better spent on education, restorative justice practices, family and community reintegration, and  therapeutic best modules. 



There are men and women serving 30-40 years currently for non-violent offenses. The onion of the criminal justice system has many layers. Not only is our mission to heal from the inside out but to connect, share and build as a community inspired and motivated to heal together. Will you choose to join our mission?